is a multidisciplinary designer that believes in strong communication.

One of Jovo's strongest points is his tenacity to translate concepts, thoughts and ideas into visual communication. Having worked with companies from Japan to Egypt, learning a strong appreciation of new cultures and the patience of working with new ideas for new audiences.

Working with design for Jovo is to put communication as the main starter point, great communication leads to awesome design. There is so much work in having good and clear communication but all that patience, time and tolerance leads to clear understanding.


Sweden - Japan Foundation scholarship / 2013
Adelbertska scholarship / 2013
Adelbertska scholarship / 2012


FANGAMER X Attract Mode / PAX Prime Seattle / 2015
HDK Master graduate exhibition / Gothenburg / 2014
FANGAMER (heart) Attract Mode / Seattle / 2014
Comics VS Games 3 / TCAF Toronto / 2014
FANGAMER X Attract Mode / PAX Prime Seattle / 2013
Archival Revival / Gothenburg / 2013
No Quarter Exhibition / New York University / 2013
Comics VS Games 2 / TCAF Toronto / 2013
Comics VS Games 1 / TCAF Toronto / 2012
Jovojapon / Designarkivet Kalmar / 2012


Experience vary greatly from art direction, graphics, photography, illustrations, UX design, typography, marketing, front-end and whatever tomorrow will require to get the job done! Whenever Jovo isn't busy working he enjoys spending his free time mostly with his huge family and friends.

Also enjoys taking whatever opportunity that will take him abroad or a new place, mostly because of eating new foods. Beside these cornerstones in life: family, friends and food, he has a great interest in illustrating for himself!

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Art direction for Caterpillar's Marine Division, work ranging from editorial, print, photo retouch, typography, exhibition material, advertising and branding to name a few.

Brave Zone

Graphic profile and toolbox for Brave Zone advertising and design agency.

It's Always Sunny In Tokyo

Project for the municipal city of Tokyo and the Tokyo Business network, to create a book of the city for people travelling to Tokyo for business. The problem that most people face when travelling to Tokyo is not knowing how the city works (norms and practices) and what the the different districts in Tokyo have to offer. By creating a easy book that can be shared digitally with business partners the city of Tokyo expands instead of googling something. The project offered a solution that does not require the connection of wifi, cheap to produce and share, stunning material and enticing photographs to create interest and curiosity.


Visual director together with Masato Yamaguchi from IDEASKETCH Tokyo, we worked together on making a visual backdrop and music videos. The band APOGEE had been absent from the music stage a few years and needed a graphic language for their performance in tune with their love for the city of Tokyo.

Remember Paper

Illustration work for New York based magazine Remember Paper with hidden front and back cover illustration of Elle Fanning.

ELSE Cairo

Graphic branding and visual strategy for Egyptian based communication bureau ELSE. I was brought in as a creative director / designer for the company's own branding, there was a certain challenge to working with ELSE because of the current political climate in Egypt. Drawing inspiration from how communication worked in the "trenches" we concluded that a strong graphical language was needed, something that would work in color but in black and white as well. Something that differ from the way the public percive communication firms but a language that would roar the underdog spirit to the established firms, making them hear that a challenger is coming.

Archival Revival

Archival Revival was a traveling exhibition made by master students at HDK in Gothenburg, in collaboration with the Swedish national archive (Riksarkivet). The theme for the exhibition was to create work with inspiration by the material in the archive and to transform the result to show how an archive can be utilized in different manners. I was part of the group who did the visual identify and branding for the exhibition. I worked together with: Daniel Christensen, Johan Ahlback, Markus Grudeborn, Erik Back and Jennie Lindell.


Special edition glow in the dark poster for NIKE, the project was about working with the theme of procrasination and the temptations that come with it, altough invisible input is always present and looming over us but wwe always have to hold dear of what motivates us in first place.

James Harvest

Work for the James Harvest brands catalog and marketing. The brand focuses on prestige clothing with clean designs from sportswear to formal wear. My involvement was to work on the biannual main catalogs and produce custom marketing and campaigns for significant clients online and for print. It also involved managing all content for our subsidiary companies in Europe and North America.

Printer Active Wear

Catalog design and art direction for the Printer Active Wear brand, this clothing brand had a clear product line of vivid colours with strong and quality garments. My job was to work with the visual communication to bring out the full potential the customers could utilize for their branding purposes.

Adidas Originals / Pippi / Motivational Posters

Illustration for Adidas viral campaign ADIDAS ORIGINALS.
Illustration of Pippi for INPRNT.
Limited edition posters that were on sale for a brief period to boost morale!

Moleskine Workshop

Illustration projects for Moleskine called Wandering Moleskine that was a series of notebooks filled with a series of travel illustration over multiple years with focus on Japan. After the Wandering Moleskine project, a new project began with a series of workshop exchanges between Sweden and Japan. I organized a creative workshop with material given from Moleskine, together with HDK School of Design and Crafts we established contact with Gakugei University to make a workshop in Japan.

Hattie Watson

Collaboration with model Hattie Watson and photographer Ashton Gooding. The result was four limited print designs, the approach was to make clean and illustrative typography to please the crowds with reference of popular culture and wordplay using the photographs and model.


Together with Julia Bergstrom, we got a contract to make an ad for 101 Saker Jag Laerde Mig I Fashion School. The brief was to make a commercial with low budget, that works in black and white, without sound and as a GIF. The solution was to make a stop motion clip with bright colors and contrast.